KIMONO RENTAL Tokyo135°+one 新宿高島屋店

About the flow of the rental service


Please make a reservation for the date and time of your visit.

▶Book Now

Please come to our shop.

Please come to our shop 5 min. before the scheduled time. We will explain about our plans.

Select a kimon

Please select a kimono or yukata, obi(sash) and a bag. (15-30 min.)We always have over 200 kinds of kimono for our guests. You can select your favorite one.


Our dressers from a kimono shop in Kyoto will dress you quickly and beautifully.

Hair styling

If you reserve an option for hair styling, you can have hair styling service. Please consult with our hair stylists about your favorite hair style.

Going out

You can keep your belongings in the shop.Please put your clothes in a bag for checking. We will keep them during you are going out.You can enjoy going out to the full with a beautiful kimono.

Coming back,Change and return

Please return to the shop by 19:30 if your plan is to be returned on the same day.We will return your checked belongings. You feel relaxed taking off the obi. Please take care on your way back.

・We cannnot keep valuables(like;smart phone,passport,wallet) in the shop.
・It will take about 30 min. – 1 hour to get dressed and go out.
We recommend you making a reservation with time to spare because you might wait for our service if you come on our busiest time due to fully reserved.