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Q1:What time does the kimono need to be returned?

The kimono or yukata needs to be returned by 19:30 at night. If you’d like to return on the same day, please return during the shop is open.
The dressing service can be reserved by 17:30 at the latest.
The next day return will be charged extra ¥1,000 (plus tax). The kimono needs to be returned by 19:30 on the next day.

Q2:Can the reservation be canceled?

You can cancel the reservation at least one day before your reservation. If you want to cancel, please give us a call or an e-mail.
You cannot cancel on the reservation day. The cancellation on the reservation day will be charged for the same cost as our standard plan. 。

Q3:What kind of services will be set for the rental plans? Do I need to bring anything by myself?

Our rental plans are including kimono or yukata, obi (sash), zori or geta (sandals), bag (traditional bags), tabi (socks), some other necessities and the dressing service, so you don’t need to bring anything by yourself.
In winter, shawls for women or haori for men can be included at no charges.

~~On the day of your reservation~~
During the cold weather seasons (November – March):
Before you come, please wear the low necklines innerwear with three-quarter sleeves or shorter sleeves and leggings. Especially in the night of winter season, we recommend thermal inner wears for the cold weather.
During the hot weather seasons (April – October):
Before you come, please wear the low necklines innerwear (tank tops or camisoles). For women’s bra, we recommend the wireless bra or sports bra. If you want to rent a yukata with light colors, we recommend the beige colored inners to avoid being seen through.

Q4:I can’t decide to choose a good plan for me...

▼About Plans
You can change your plan even when you come to us on your reservation day. You can make a choice of plans after checking actually our selection of kimono.
★Standard plan …The most popular basic plan
★Premium plan …The plan including a premium kimono
and more...

Q5:Can I reserve a specific piece of kimono?

We are very sorry but we cannot accept such a reservation for a specific piece of kimono. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Q6:As for obi and bag, can I choose my favorite one?

Sure, you can choose your favorite one. You can choose all of your coordinate by yourself on your reservation day. Of course, our professional staffs are always ready to answer your questions.

Q7:Do you have the dressing service for men?

Sure, we accept reservation for men.

Q8:Do you have the hair styling service?

Sure, the hair styling option is provided for ¥1,000 (plus tax). This hair styling will be finished in 10-15min. and reservation is needed in advance.
For your hair arrangement, please consult directly with our hair stylist. Even for short hair, we serve a good styling. We are very sorry we cannot provide such a difficult arrangement like a coiffure done up in the traditional Japanese style or any other styles which takes 15min. or longer. Besides, in case you delayed 30min. or longer for your reservation time, we may not be able to provide hair styling service because time is not enough.

Q9:Is a hair accessory set with hair styling service??

Sure, we have very cute hair accessories free for rent. (We are very sorry you cannot rent hair accessories only. We appreciate your understanding.)

Q10:What if I damaged the rented kimono?

If it’s an irreparable damage, it will cost you the actual cost of the kimono’s price for compensation.
(ex: a damage or hole, cigarette burns)

Q11:. Can I change the number of our group members that we already made a reservation?

Sure, if you want to increase the number, we can accept the increase only when there is a vacancy. Please give us an e-mail informing about the change at least one day before your reservation.

Q12:What if the kimono or hair styling came loose and untidy?

We can correct the shape of your kimono dressing or hair styling by 17:30 (last entry for dressing service). Please come by our shop by 17:30.

Q13:Are there any parking lot for cars or bicycles?

We are very sorry for having no parking lot. Please come to our shop using public transportations or just walk to our shop.

Q14:What if we could not come back to the shop by 19:30?

If you did not come back by 19:30, an additional fee ¥1,000 (w/o tax) will be charged for the next day return. Please return the kimono by 12:00 on the next day. If you do not return by 19:30 on the next day, an additional ¥1,000 per day will be charged.

Q15:Can I wear a kimono or yukata during pregnancy?

We are very sorry we strictly refuse to provide the kimono rental and dressing service for expectant mothers even if you come to our shop directly.

Q16:Do you have any kimono or yukata rental plans for children?

We are very sorry for no kimono or yukata rental plans for children. (Children with more than 150cm of height can wear the kimono or yukata for adults.)

Q17:How long does it take to get dressed and ready to go out?

It depends on the congestion situation, but it might take about 15-20 min. to get dressed and about 15 min. for hair styling. Including time to choose kimono or yukata, it takes about 30 min. to 1 hour averagely. In case we are very busy, you might need to wait. We appreciate your understanding.

Q18:Can I have my big luggage like suitcases kept in the shop?

We are very sorry, but according to our basic rule, you cannot have your big luggage like roller bags or suitcases kept in our shop. As for keeping your belongings in our shop, items only to be packed in our special bag (50cm*38cm*15cm) will be able to be kept in our shop.

Q19:Can I make a request for my favorite arrangement for tying an obi(sash) or dressing a kimono?

As for the arrangement for tying an obi(sash), please consult with our dresser. Besides, as for the arrangement for dressing a kimono, we do the regular style only. We cannot accept a request for special styles like the Oiran style. We appreciate your understanding.

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