Standard plan

3,000 yen (tax excluded)


The lowest price in each area! You can get dressed so beautiful and cute kimono or yukata for ¥3,000 only! We have a lot of kimono collection including cute, nostalgic and modern style, and also the style like the elegant ladies in Kyoto.

Premium plan

4,500 yen (tax excluded)


This is kind of gorgeous plan that you can select a higher graded brand kimono or yukata feeling a little rich. We have lots of kimono, yukata and obi collection with good taste of the buyer of selected kimono shops.

Dressed-up plan

6,000 yen (tax excluded)


Different content by season.
Summer season (July and August) is kimono of gauze, it is the summer kimono rental plan.
Winter season is gorgeous retro modern kimono rental plan.

men’s kimonos plan

3,000 yen (tax excluded)


You don’t need any preparations when renting a kimono. Our professional stylists will help you wear a kimono and make you look chic!

Our professional dressers are always ready!

Hair styling set
1,000 yen
(tax excluded)

Our professional staff will style your hair to suit your kimono for 1000 yen; this set includes a chrysanthemum hair accessory. A hair styling for short hair is also available. Required time: 15 minutes.

*We may not be able to provide reservations for appointments after 3pm.

Hair accessory rent
500 yen
(tax excluded)

You can choose your favorite hair accessory from a wide range of clip-on corsages and clips ranging in style from cute to feminine.

*You can request our optional plans on the day. Please tell our staff about your request.

Obi’s ornament rent
500 yen
(tax excluded)

Do you want your obi (sash) to look more gorgeous? Attaching an ornament to a hanhaba-obi (sash with half-width and longer length) creates an authentic Kimono style. Please check our ornament collection!

*You can request our optional plans on the day. Please tell our staff about your request.

Premium bag rent
500 yen
(tax excluded)

You can borrow an elegant and cute handbag to go along with your Kimono bag. Please choose your favorite one from our wide range of models.

asakusaekimae ten

 A two-minute walk from Asakusa Station!
Enjoy walking along the shops of Nakamise Street from Kaminarimon Gate!


Asakusa-Ekimae shop

2 min on foot from Tobu-Isesaki line [Asakusa Station] NorthExit
4 min on foot from Tokyo Metro line [Asakusa Station] Exit8